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Port Arthur's Pleasure Island, an 18.5 mile long man-made body of land, extends from the mouth of the Neches River on the northwest to the Sabine Causeway on the southeast and is surrounded by Sabine Lake and the Sabine Neches Intracoastal Waterway.

Pleasure Island is a place of beauty.  Its hills, bluffs, and vistas of Sabine Lake are a delight and pleasure to those who visit.  Pleasure Island is where the fun begins!

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Saltwater Anglers' League of Texas - Sabine Area
P. O. Box 1233
Groves, TX  77619
Contact:  John Bob Thompson
[email protected]

Saltwater Anglers' League of Texas (S.A.L.T.)

The Saltwater Anglers' League of Texas is the oldest fishing club in the state of Texas.  Started in the 1960s, S.A.L.T. was an offshoot of the Sabine Neches Conservation Club.  Numerous fishing tournaments are sponsored, including a large-scale tournament on Memorial weekend.

The S.A.L.T. members also participate each summer in the Boy Scout Fishing Jamboree and provide volunteer services for the Children's Miracle Network.

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