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Port Arthur's Pleasure Island, an 18.5 mile long man-made body of land, extends from the mouth of the Neches River on the northwest to the Sabine Causeway on the southeast and is surrounded by Sabine Lake and the Sabine Neches Intracoastal Waterway.

Pleasure Island is a place of beauty.  Its hills, bluffs, and vistas of Sabine Lake are a delight and pleasure to those who visit.  Pleasure Island is where the fun begins!

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U. S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Office                   
400 T. B. Ellison
Port Arthur, TX  77640

United States Coast Guard Vessel Maintenance Unit

The United States Coast Guard Vessel Maintenance Unit (VMU) located on Pleasure Island operates under the umbrella of the U. S. Department of Homeland Security.  The VMU protects the Port of Port Arthur and surrounding waters.  It is also charged with vessel maintenance, repair, and readiness for Coast Guard missions including search and rescue, law enforcement, clean-up of oil spills, and enforcement of secure zones.  The VMU located on Pleasure Island is a detachment of the USCG Marine Safety Office located in Port Arthur.

Additionally, the office is committed to making commercial fishing safer by

  • Enhancing the safety of vessels and crew,
  • Reducing personal injuries common to the fishing industry,
  • Reducing the loss of life and vessel losses, and
  • Promoting voluntary participation in the Dockside Examination Program.

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